Dear friends,

I miss all of you a lot. I miss someone randomly telling me about their life even though I have nothing to update them in return. I really miss the way someone says “simisai”. I miss how I can be so ridiculous and feel so happy about it cos it made all of you all happy too. I hope I’ll make some time to meet you all again.

And here’s something else that completely unrelated.

I really hate this particular person now cos the person just entered my life and left abruptly. You don’t just do that to people. If you go, you have to say bye and there must be a reason why. I’m sorry my life has to have such “administrative procedures” but that’s how I function. You annoy me but I’m even more annoyed at myself for letting such a small thing affect me. All was well until someone indirectly reminded me about everything. Sigh. And now even my rant about this person is longer than my declaration of love for my friends.

I’ll croon with The Fray until I feel better. Damn you, i hope you sneeze till your nose can’t feel anymore.


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