mandatory post

Days like this, it’s good enough to have Fish Leong singing into my ears. And a warm cup of green tea. So comforting, and comfortable. Days like this, I find peace just being alone in my thoughts.

Hmm, CA3 ended not long ago. I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would and should be. Somehow, all that i felt at the end was a sense of relief, like I just unloaded a big boulder off my shoulder. I know it’s not the end because Pros will be here in 8 weeks and we are not done learning yet, not to forget the amount of revision that will crash into us. But that’s not why I’m feeling like that. It’s just… like that lor. Somehow, I feel that the dark cloud in my life is coming back over my head. No particular reason, it just comes and goes, like a change of seasons.

Anyway, I met up with Gen after the paper. I didnt hang out with the med school people. Just didnt feel like it, and they were heading east. Caught up with Running Man. Baked and cooked on Saturday. Watched The Hobbit too. Great movie. đŸ™‚ Then today, I went to Malaysia with the family. It’s great to go out as a family after so long. Ate the stuff I like too. Overall, the weekend was just enough for me to recharge myself. Didnt do anything crazy, but a little solitude felt good. Oh, it feel good today too because Malaysia’s buildings were shorter and I saw alot more skies. Less cars and humans (except at the checkpoint) too. Haha I dont know why but I really like this no-humans-within-200m feeling now.

I almost never went out alone to do stuff by myself before. I have the urge to do something by myself the coming 3 months holidays! Still in the midst of planning.


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