Time is a catalyst

Read some people’s posts and felt like writing myself! I’m nicely tucked under my blanket now, spoiling my eyes as I type in the dark with my phone. Tired, but I really felt like coming here. Haha it’s strange cos I don’t have a particular topic in my mind. Maybe I can start with a few interesting things that happened ytd.

I went to help out in a friend’s mentorship project where they mentor a kid who has a pretty complicated life. Shall not go into the kid’s background. In short, one word, underprivileged. Anyway, I tagged along that session that day to teach the girl volleyball! I could feel that she was a bit hostile at the beginning, but after a while, I felt that she opened up more. Maybe it’s the common interest, or maybe she could tell I was trying hard to engage the kids. Either case, I’m glad she’s willing to talk to me and stuff. Hope there will be more sessions where I can join. 🙂

Back home, something big happened! Someone found a parang wrapped up in red cloth hidden in the corridor! Lots of speculation among the neighbours as to why it was there. Gang fight? Rituals? Not helping when I actually dreamt of witnessing a gang fight the day before. And the slashing incidents in Singapore…. I just hope it isn’t anything serious.

Well, pretty much sums up ytd. It’s recess week and I’m studying. I don’t really know how much went into my head and stayed there. I miss the feeling of memorizing something so many times such that you can see and flip the pages in your mind. That happened for A levels. And that took like 1 or 2 years? And not to forget content wise, how different the quantity and quality is.

Anyway, perhaps I should talk abt other stuff. I think I never mentioned this before, but I like coming up with titles for my posts! They usually come from song lyrics. Sometimes I get inspiration and come up with something myself. But I always thought they reflect key points of my life somehow.

“Time is a catalyst”. That’s something I came up with myself. It feels weird how time, over a duration seems slow and sluggish. And we all know how it dilutes memories, feelings and pain. Strangely, this slow thing is probably the only thing we can use to speed up the dilution. Without time, they’ll never ease their way out of our lives.


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