thanks for the interference

One reason I dislike getting my feelings messed up. Interference. Everywhere. 

Maybe I should just let it be. Ignore, ignore, IGNORE every irrelevant thought. Flick them out of my mind once I sense them coming. Right now, I need to work hard on my revision. Only reason I’m here now is because I ran out of steam and can’t continue in this state of mind. Not going to freaking let this interference persist. Too much man, too much.


I wish there was some sort of role reversal. That you are one of the people who actually seem to care. 

Why is it like that? I hate this sort of things, when it seems to turn out the way I see in shows. When you wish for something which doesn’t come your way and push away the good stuff that’s heading your way. Thing is, I can’t seem to appreciate the good things that come my way. Because of this interference. And I really dislike this part of me, just like how I dislike characters in shows who act like that.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” Really?

-Breathe, step back, slip back into the objective mode-

I really can’t blame anyone. Just really dislike how things are. No point trying to find out who caused all this (largely would still think it’s myself, but I shall not whimper). I just really wish things go way back before all this (maybe self-conjured) complications arose.

Well, I tried. No regrets, so start flicking those thoughts out.


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