but we all gotta go our own ways

Hello world at 1.01am. I’m usually not awake during this time. Well, I fell asleep on the table for 30 mins to 1 hour… and naps usually disrupt my sleep cycle so here I am! I tried not to take naps these days but it’s too hard. I usually cannot fall asleep in awkward positions (like the table) but I suppose I was too tired. Feeling a little sleepy again right now but I felt the urge to write. Irresistible. Feels so good to hear the tappy sounds of the keyboard and my fingers running across the keyboard again. Can’t say how much I love writing like this. I’m my own reporter, editor, publisher and critic. Not to forget how convenient it is for me to talk when no one is really available/I can’t bring myself to approach them. Writing brings out the best and worst in me which makes me feel real and in touch with myself. I guess I’m blabbering already so, next paragraph! 

Hmm all that above was just random remarks. Now, I feel… really really out of place. It’s like you’re in a community but you know you are not really a part of it. It’s like you’re a jigsaw puzzle from puzzle A mingling in the pieces of puzzle B. In a way, we all seem the same cos we’re puzzle pieces, but you know you will never fit in no matter how hard you try. Unless you change. But the odd piece isn’t really keen to. Dreading school now. Maybe my bro is right. If you don’t care so much, you won’t feel so much. I miss my old friends. 😦 

When was the last genuine laughter and lingering happy thoughts? As people age, they really live by their memories. 

Ok, I have to sleep. Though I don’t want to, cos morning will come too soon. Another lonely day inside. I hate being so emo too, I hope this feeling dissipates soon.


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