I’m here because I’ve nothing to do. It’s a privilege. I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad abt it. I guess I’m mostly happy or at least happier than being busy during school term. At least I feel like I’ve more control over time and mostly my life. Or maybe I just have bad time management usually.

There’re no good shows on tv now and I’m quite tired of the drama marathon these 2 days alr.

Things I’ve finished/ sorta watched and read reviews to finish it/ in the midst of:
1) Across the Universe. I’ve been contemplating for forever abt watching it! Did it in the end. Plot isnt very good but I liked the Beatles songs they covered. Great voices! 🙂

2) Rise of The Guardians. Awesome stuff. DreamWorks never failed me. Good plot and animation. I thought the amount of action was just nice to keep me absorbed in the movie. But I’m usually quite entertained by animated films so it’s kinda a personal preference too haha. Lovable characters which made everything more memorable. Sandman! Elves!! 🙂

3) Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost. Ok I didnt finish this. I wanted to watch this cos it lasts less than 2 hours and there’s Park Shin Hye in the show. Hmm it wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be somewhere along the show. It had raving reviews though….

4) White Christmas. Another show I didn’t finish. This only has 8 episodes, which is partly why I decided to watch it. It’s a psychological thriller. Psycholoogical yes, but not a really thrilling thriller. Maybe it’s cos I’ve seen sicker killers. Hmm somehow I felt the Korean actors in the show looked like Taiwanese. Finished the show by reading recaps. Maybe I’m more of a sucker for korean romance shows although they always plant unrealistic ideals in me to yearn for.

5) The Hippocratic Crush. Ok I’m slow. I started watching earlier this year but stopped for some reason I can’t remember. Watching a medical drama as a medical student is really different haha. Like you’ll get excited as they do smth you have some idea about. And… Kinda reminded me of other stuff that I conveniently shelved in my head in school. In a cheesy but true manner. Still watching, I have hopes for this drama.

6) 2 Broke Girls. It’s an American sitcom, not bad so far. It has sick jokes haha.

I’ve never watched so much during holidays before. Quite deprived I think. I shld do smth more nutritional like reading a book. Oh I tried running. Sigh I wish I am the runner I used to be.


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