Wonders of a wandering mind

I had this urge to post yesterday but didnt partly cos I was too tired and partly cos I couldnt put together my thoughts properly. Yesterday was an eventful day, definitely deserving of a post. Note: another reason I’m here is cos I’m restless from trying to consolidate physio stuff and reading the cases sigh. 😦

Anyway, I went for ihg frisbee yesterday! And -drum roll-….  We are the champions! I havent played frisbee since random pe days in secondary school so I was really quite happy that I didnt pull down the team that much. Did fumble alot though haha. But hahaha, I helped to score a point! I just did what a seasoned player told me to do LOL. Nonetheless, it’s a memorable event! And at least I’ll never die with the regret of never playing frisbee competitively or something.

After washing up, I watched skyfall with a few friends! Finally used that free gv ticket. And it was a good movie! Thought the start was a little long, but it was still quite exciting overall. Somehow the villian reminded me of joker. The movie was about 2 hours plus?! Sit until legs cramp haha.

Ok memorable enough.

Now the thing I couldnt quite put into words. The chances of meeting someone you can click easily with. The happiness. But the reservations about it. Too good to be true. Banish those presumptions. Wait and see. Caution caution caution. Why the hell am I like that.


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