friday perks

I’m taking some time off from watching the cadaver videos (for anatomy) to come here to write. I really really need to catch up on my school work asap! But, writing is really tempting now in the middle of the night haha. 

I wonder if i have been cooping myself in my room too often since school started and schoolwork/exams poured in. And sometimes i’ll avoid common areas when my dad’s smoking. Have i been doing that too much? Recently, while i was slacking around in the living room, i saw my dad sitting around puffing a smoke cloud again. Somehow, this time, he really looked older. More tired. The lines on his face and his figure now seem to be especially prominent. Then just now, i saw my mum taking medicine in the kitchen for some allergies and a cold. Her face was puffy. It has been that way for a long, long time and we always thought it was due to the previous steroid injections for her tendonitis. But somehow, today, she looked more bloated. A double chin was showing.

At this point in time, i can’t help but think of their wedding photo hanging in their room. Where have the slim figures and smooth skin gone? I wonder if they themselves noticed the change. And if they did, did they feel that the change was ok? Was it ok since part of their youth went to building and maintaining a family? I wish i will become someone who proves that it was.  

Anyway, i finally caught Perks of Being A Wallflower today with Yongen and Songyan. Hmm to be honest, i was expecting more. I didnt finish the book but i read the first few chapters and i already realised the film didnt include a few things. Nonetheless, it was quite a good movie and i was quite touched at some points, can’t rmb which in particular but i rmb that teary feeling. I guess it’s really different seeing things from people who try so hard to fit in. Plus the things that Charlie went through…. made me feel sad for him too.

I like venturing into this part of Youtube where the sidebar suggestions are filled with indie songs. Some people call it Youtube Narnia hahaha. So chill and comfortable.


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