Hello, I was contemplating if I should come here and post today since it’s the end of CA1!!! Was feeling lazy but I just felt that I should do it since I have the time. It’s not something particularly tiring anyway. Usually does more good than harm for me too. 🙂 

So… thoughts about CA1. I dont think I overstudied. In fact, I could have done better. As i was telling someone else later today, I feel sad because there were some things I studied for but couldnt rmb in the exam. But I’m also not really regretful because I felt that I did my best. It just shows that I need to put in more consistent effort in my learning. Hope I’ll pass CA1! Note: there’s only pass/fail/distinction grade for year 1.  

It’s now past 12mn but I really cant bear to sleep! I slept for about 4 or 5 hours ytd (before an exam oh god) and i’m feeling a bit tired now. But it’s just, now that it’s over and a whole new preparation for CA2 awaits me tmr, i have not yet sapped in the bliss of the time in between. But… i should move on, right?

Oh well, i’ve had some fun surfing the internet and doing nothing with the OG today alr. Doing nothing is such a privilege. 


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