don’t stop, won’t stop

I wonder if my poetic persona will come out tonight. I miss writing… It’s really therapeutic you know. It may not make your problems go away but it will chase away those nasty feelings. 

Med school has been busy so far. And to think it’s not the worst it can get! Maybe a few years later when i see this, i’ll scorn myself. But i shall not dwell upon this now. 

I feel that i have been so caught up with my own life that i kinda missed out on other people’s by quite a bit. I didnt know a friend got attached, that another was going work somewhere else and is going to learn driving, that someone else has a budding romance going on etc. Maybe these are very mundane facts but i find that these are the facts that will keep us connected. It’s a little sad that i only found out some stuff through Facebook but nonetheless, i’m glad and thankful for those who bothered to catch up with me. For that, i’m going to make an effort to stay connected too. 🙂

What a short therapy, sigh.


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