the winner takes it all

Thought this song was really soothing when it’s played out like that. And it’s nice to play it in the background while you do other stuff. 🙂

I guess one of the greatest highlight this year would be the Olympics. It’s really inspiring watching athletes smashing old records and new winners taking over old ones. The Lin Dan vs. Lee Chong Wei match was really good too, i felt sad for Lee Chong Wei when he lost that match. Could tell he really gave it all. I’m not even a Malaysian! Somehow i feel much more for that match than our own bronze medal match. :O Nonetheless, i felt that this year’s Olympics was also peppered with more scandals too. Maybe i was just more aware of what is happening around now compared to 4 years ago.

I’m 24.5 episodes into Shining Inheritance (yes yes, it’s an old drama alr) and i must say it’s a pretty good drama. I thought i would never make it through halfway since it’s especially long for a kdrama. 28 episodes in total! Took 20 episodes for the leads to kiss. Oh well, i managed to last this long, so that means it’s a good drama! 🙂


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