frustration in a bundle

Yesterday i read an article on thoughtcatalog about ways not to stress yourself (or something along that line) and one of the ways was to not force yourself to do things/ go for events you dislike. I kinda just skimmed through the article so now, on hindsight, yeah, that’s pretty true. Cos a lot of times in my life, that has been a source of stress, and mostly frustration. There are many times where i went for things i wasnt really keen for or things that stretches my own boundaries at home or budget. If i go too far beyond the boundaries, there will be lots of explaining to do. I guess if you look at it from one point of view, it’s good that i try to be more outgoing and explore/see/experience new stuff once in a while. From another perspective, it doesn’t help change the way i am   and instead i still feel strained to go for things i don’t want. I feel more tired. 

Hmm i seem like quite an un-outgoing person which i won’t deny. I feel bad excluding myself when people are trying to include me so i guess that’s why i still go for things i am not so enthusiastic about. I dont mind hanging out with friends, in fact, i love it. Maybe it’s just the new-found social circle which is so enthusiastic about so many things which… makes me tired, mentally and physically. 

This isnt a very coherent post, i wonder if anyone reading it gets what i’m saying.


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