Felt like forever since i wrote anything! Today, i’m doing I-statement prompts.

i was … too used to running away whenever i encountered problems.

i am … happy with who i am right now, even though i still envy who other people are like and what they have sometimes, i suppose, if i were to choose, i would still choose to be myself.

i think … the world will be more beautiful if we all slowed down just a bit.

i wonder … if i will ever meet someone who understands and accepts me for the way i am and banish my insecurities into the ends of the world for the rest of my life. Maybe i already did but i never realised haha.

i wish … happiness come more easily for myself and those around me. Just to be greedy, i also wish i’ll always remember how infinite my life is, how it is a blank canvas waiting to be coloured.

i save … money~

i always … leave the dark brown suspension at the bottom of a milo drink untouched cos it’s too sweet.

i can’t imagine … a world without music, food, family&friends.

i believe … a little courtesy will always go a long way. Treat people the way you want to be treated too.

i promise … not to be so stingy anymore.

i love … YOU.


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