happiness buried in memories

Sudden outburst of nostalgia thinking about my days in year 6. Never ever, ever in my life would i have thought that i’ll be missing that place and those days. I remember those times, when all we wanted was for the school day to end. Then we’ll loiter around JP or eat somewhere and gossip! I remember in between all that waiting, there was alot of joy and laughter. Lots of disruptions and eager 5-minutes breaks during chem tutorials. Lots of moments when we tried to understand GP. Confusion/enlightenment during physics lessons cos the teacher made everything that was so hard to us so simple in the end. Nonchalance during maths tutorials cos most of us managed to figure things out with the answer key.. and being mean to the teacher, that was really our fault la. Being so dilly dally-ish during econs lessons just because we feel like it. 

Honestly, i don’t remember many specific incidents but whenever i’m reminded of those days, i’m happy. I remember someone spitting water out of his mouth out of shock, people accidentally eating stones cos they looked like sweets, drinking alcohol which was concocted such that you can’t taste the alcohol at all, the various sides of drunkards, rumours and scandals that never die, playing human table soccer for the first time in my life and actually winning!, random badminton sessions, studying in the library (although not as a study group, but always see the same old faces), indecision about what to eat during breaks, spending 2 hours in popular to buy 1 highlighter with jillian, imagining our lives if we get horrible results that won’t get us anywhere in singapore, oyster omelette treat from tq etc. 

I wonder what i’ll give, to go back to those days.


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