Fish Leong’s songs are so soothing and comforting! Sometimes her songs make me feel like i have nothing to fear in the world. That doesn’t make a lot of sense because her songs are mainly about love. Then again, i guess love/relationships/commitments always seem scary, distant and blurry to me. Anyway, i love that her songs seem to fit the different phases of relationships. So, there’s always something to sing to and comfort yourself with.

Started following a few blogs on wordpress too. Hmm sometimes other people’s experiences are really an eye-opener because of where they are from or their phase in life. Pretty much like standing on the shoulders of giants. And the food blogs are just too much! Everything they posted looks so good i wish i had some tool from Doraemon to make the food appear in front of me. These blogs make me feel so small, not exactly in a bad way though. But they remind me of the many experiences and tastes and things i have yet to gone through myself. Made me a wee bit more excited about life haha.

I have not mentioned this here before but i have taken over my brother’s aquariums since he went overseas. On the first day, a prawn died. On the second day, a fish died. On the third day, no casualties. On the fourth day, 5 fishes died. I kinda suspect that i didnt look at the tank properly so the dead bodies accumulated until i found them on the fourth day. After seeking some advice from the bro, cleaned the tank and now they are all living healthily! 🙂 Realised i’ve been staring at the fish tanks for long periods of time like my bro used to do. It’s just amazing watching those living things prosper under your care. Oh, one of the guppies is pregnant too! No idea when she’s gonna give birth haha but i feel like a grandma! ^o^ And i’m enjoying it (so far). Read up more about guppies online and apparently they can store the sperms and so give birth even without males actively helping the reproduction. Ok, weird fact haha but, hmm memorable. 


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