dust on my dreams

Today, i went for my first CIP as a (pre) medical student. We went to 2 one-room flats to help then clean their house and to do some basic health screening. The health screening involves taking blood pressure, weight, waist circumference and eye check.

The first flat we went to belongs to a 75-year-old uncle who was partially hearing impaired. It took quite some effort with the help of the social workers to get him to open the door. He didnt really ask us to clean anything much. He just told us to do as much as we can… and he didnt want to throw away anything so i think our cleaning consists of mainly cleaning dirt and grime off the surfaces. I remember his house had many chinese revolutionary-ish pictures and quite some Journey To The West books/tapes. While we were cleaning up, he said he was going down to get newspapers… but when he came back, he had newspapers and food and drinks for us! The packed food were quite sumptuous. It’s mixed rice with veg, fish and pork. I think that if he didnt treat us, he could have used the money to buy food for half a week at least. Feel quite bad now thinking back cos i didnt finish all the food. Anyway, while we were eating we learnt that he came from china, the rest of his family is in china, he really admires chairman mao. I find it quite interesting to listen to old people talk actually, especially after working at the polyclinic. It’s like passively reading a book and all the info is fed to you and instantly you feel a bit more knowledgeable about what people think. Haha ok, i don’t think that’s the best way to describe things but you probably get the drift. After lunch at the uncle’s place, the uncle kept rejecting the loaf of bread we were supposed to give to him. We “accidentally” left it there anyway. With that in mind, paying him money for the food wasn’t really a good idea. Thus, we set off to buy some things instead! As a token of thanks. We bought him anti-slip mats (i think), bananas and kitchen wipes. We left it by his doorstep cos he was sleeping. I guess in a way that was good since he’ll probably reject the things again. 

Second house was much cleaner. The owner was an elderly woman who’s christian. Hmm i didnt really talk to her once she started talking about christianity. I didnt have much to say and honestly i wasn’t as interested as the christians in the group. Kinda made way and let them interact with her instead cos i felt they could relate to each other much better. Devoted myself to the manual chores then. Dabbled with the BP machine (i think there’s a name for it) and played with the stethoscope! Apparently if it’s worn the wrong way you won’t hear anything. Learnt a bit about BP measurement and almost squeezed someone’s hand wayyyy too hard cos i was distracted while pumping air into the arm band. Really really apologetic towards that person!!! I guess it’s also an experience to remember. Be focused in what you’re doing!!! Afterall, lives could be in your hands in the future. Cliché but it’s true. Um, there was a mini conflict between the elderly woman and her friend and for a few moments it was damn awkward there. We quickly cleaned the toilet and floor and left.

Then we wandered around for a bit before heading back to the gathering point. Played Ninja! I’m still too lousy. Hahahaha need soooo much more focus! Went home together with 2 other og mates after that. I feel much more comfortable with my og mates today. I dunno why. I’m guessing it’s because we were divided to much smaller groups. I don’t really know how to link that to why i felt more comfortable but yeah i just did haha. Hope it’ll be like that next time too. 🙂

I started writing properly but no longer with any poetic aura somehow. Sigh, it’s becoming more like a log book these days. Been a slacker for rag too. Total slacker haha. 


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