maybe i’m dreaming

I’m stalking people on facebook now and as always, i’m amazed by how people change!

I typed a pretty detailed post about medicamp but i didn’t know wordpress don’t auto-save your drafts so… when i closed the window accidentally, the post is gone forever. I don’t think i’ll ever retype it haha. Talked to a few of my og mates on facebook recently and i think maybe i was just too caught up with the fact that i come from quite a different environment compared to them and maybe i was too sensitive to the things they said. Oh well, i shouldn’t judge. Maybe they are really really nice. Give them and yourself some time.

I had a ridiculous dream last night! I dreamt that i agreed to a proposal from a man whose name i didn’t even know! Then i quickly rejected it again when i realised how stupid it was in the dream. It’s weird cos 1) why a dream about a proposal 2) seriously why was i so irrational in the dream 3) i didn’t even feel anything for the man. Well, when i woke up i started thinking about my future in terms of romance/love etc. Should i only agree to such things when i feel something for a man? Should i just go for what seems best for me in life? Out of impulse, i’ll say yes and no respectively. But i think in reality, i’ll hesitate afterall. Maybe i should just wait and see. One day, someone will bring down my walls and bring out the best in me and i will be able to accept his flaws. Hahaha it’s so idealistic i’m even doubtful of it’s possibility.


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