pre-camp tea

I have always suspected myself to be a socially awkward person. I’m quite convinced now hahaha. I went for the med pre-camp tea today. Hmm, it was ok i guess. I got to know some people and by that i meant the names, school and cca. Other than that… not much. And i can barely remember all their names, especially the guys cos they look all the same to me. Maybe it’s the hair. I suppose that’s normal, it has only been a day. And yeah, as most people would have known, the majority of the cohort is made up by a couple of well-known schools and i’m part of the minority species there haha. I guess it’s fortunate that they didnt really seem like the type i thought they were. They seemed normal, like not living in a distant world. But i can’t be so sure right, it has only been a day haha. Nonetheless, i was grateful for a few seniors who struck up conversations. I dont know if i really appeared lost or what haha but it made me feel better. 🙂

Meanwhile, i’m re-living my love for Avril Lavigne. 🙂

Oh yeah, i ended work yesterday! I felt so loved when i left and i still can’t forgive myself for forgetting to take photos with the colleagues. The aunties are too nice!!


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