Recently read a post by someone who didnt do well (if you use the public’s standard) for her ‘A’ Levels despite working really hard. Hmm and that kinda affected alot of the choices she has for uni. Actually, i’m pretty impressed by her ability to bounce back from it and move on.

The post got me thinking about my life too. Actually, i’m fortunate in a way that i never really had any major setbacks in my life. Yeah, i failed tests sometimes but never major exams. Maybe it’s because i put in a lot of effort into my studies especially during the important years. But not everyone is lucky enough to reap what they sow. I have a rather normal family, although sometimes dysfunctional, which helps me settle my basic needs in life – a roof over my head and a fridge full of food. Of course, they are also one of those whom i share some joy and sorrow with. I have a so-so social life which i wouldn’t think is lacking at all because i’m not yearning for the extremes. My body won’t be able to keep up. I’m fortunate to have friends who care and like me for who i am. I’m also lucky to have a healthy body for now which gives me the ability to care for others and to enjoy the activities i like. My life is normal… but in a lucky way.

Sometimes i think my luck is already at its peak and i’m afraid of any downfalls. What if somehow i fail to get through medical school or some crazy backstabbing incident happen in my life or my mental health just crumble one day. Hmm, well, the future is uncertain in any case so maybe it’s better to just take it one day at a time. Make everyday count. 🙂

I feel like picking up another book from the library! Didnt manage to do that yesterday cos i met songyan and kathy hahaha. Come to think of it, it feels like a scene from the dramas. Eh 怎么那么巧?! But of course in real life it sounds more like eh 你做么在这边?! Hahaha. Anyway, my book count this year is… 3. That is if i count the books i finished.

I like books that set you thinking. I have a poor imagination when it comes to adventure stories, a cynical mind when it comes to romantic stories and a lazy attitude when it comes to educational books. So basically, books i enjoy, don’t really have a genre i guess. Mostly about life and growing up and going against/eventually succumbing to conventions. It’s like you’ll just root for the protagonist when he goes against conventions to fulfil his dreams without destroying humanity and then empathise with those who gave up and lived by the rules of life. Maybe, the genre is biographies haha.


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