change is boring for eyewitnesses

The first portion of the post is going to be quite private, biologically.

To be honest, i never really bothered to count my period cycle/how long they last. Then how you know when it is coming? By feeling – bloatedness, backaches and PMS. And i don’t think i can remember when it should come too. It’s only until recently when i felt the need to take note of the cycles cos of the uni health check-ups (need to know when the end of my period is so that i can book appointment for the check up). And after reading up a bit more, i think my period cycles is a bit too long! I read that it can vary from 24-36 days, but i think mine is longer than that. Sigh, i hope it comes soon so that i can faster take note and observe its frequency. I think i’m 7 years late in starting to count. Too lazy tsk. D:

Ok, that’s the end of my private issue.

I’ve been a bit more health-conscious recently. So rare for someone who’s usually too lazy to care. Well, i don’t know what struck me to think about taking care of my body too. I’m guessing it could be that i’m seeing more old people now and feel more about aging and its effects, actual realisation of how my family is aging, realisation that my body will not just “automatically” reject fats like it did (i think it was just because i used to exercise during pe and cca). Maybe it’s just that i want to do something good for myself, and actually change myself for the better. I hope i don’t morph into a vainpot/ exercise monster though. Please please please stop me if i do.

Hmm been doing some basic maintainence (but still very minimal) and eating more fruits. Eating is easy peasy. Washed my face more regularly these days too and finally forced myself to use toner and lotion on face and limbs respectively… because i realise i have very dry skin. In retrospect, it means i’m less prone to acne/pimples haha. I exercise too! I planned to exercise on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. 2/3 of the plan went well this week… I was just too lazy on one of the days. Anyway i really dislike going to the gym! So hard to breathe when exercising in an air-con room!! Sometimes i miss running on a track. It’s ironic because i used to complain about running on our school track. Point being, we breathe in car exhaust, have limited oxygen due to the lack of living grass and excessive heat from the grey concrete buildings surrounding the track.

I hope all these small things will go a long way. Hahaha i think this part is damn boring right, the period part was better.

I’m probably going to sort my wardrobe too. I have quite bad fashion sense… really really hard to figure things like that out. I want to buy headbands/hairbands soon~

Oh and… work is going to end in 2 weeks time!!! Time to rest in July. Time to catch up too. With kathy+yongen+songyan, kathy+yongen+jiarong+hanni (maybe), huijie, mabelyn, kathy+wenli+jingzhan+random people, ruoqi+ximeng+jillian, 6g girls! Lucky i still play badminton sometimes or i’ll feel out of touch with the world.


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