time machine

I am still savouring the bits of  mundane life. Ahh~ Although most of the time I get sick to going to work then having about the equivalent time to eat, wash up and entertain myself, whenever I remind myself of what could come when school reopens, I feel quite contented with the present. There’s only about 1 month of work left, then 1 month of camp, admin stuff and absolute freedom! 🙂

I browsed thru a few older posts and the “omg what was I thinking/writing” thought still passes by. But I have some mixed feelings when I read thru them too. I feel happy that I had certain thoughts/resolutions and nostalgic when I recall certain events. But a bit sad and lost when I no longer rmb those thoughts and events till I read them. Like I’m really ageing. I’m really glad I recorded so many things for so long! The most successful diary of mine so far! I think I shld record more factual events instead of just reflections/thoughts too.

Anyway, I’m invited back to rv for prize presentation! Excited~ 😀


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