writer’s block

Hello dear reader! Sorry for the lack of updates hahaha not playing hard to get but i really have no inspiration these days zzz. Been trying to churn out some topic to talk about during my spare time at work but nothing much came out. Idea constipation. I have been trying to come up with wise words or perceptions from seeing things from a different point of view but… yes constipation is too hard to fight off.

I finished another book recently! -pats self on the back- It’s a chinese book (woahh~) and it’s in 繁体字 (woahh~ x2) and i had to borrow it twice from the library cos i couldn’t finish it before the first due date haha. Actually it was possible, it’s just that i wanted to watch running man and secret garden. Anyway, the book is called 后青春期的诗 by 九把刀. It’s about a group of friends opening their time capsule in which they wrote their dreams for the future after 12 years. Hmm, it made me think about my past too. My youth till now hasnt been as exciting as i imagined when i was much younger. i could really relate to some parts of the book. Like how bland my youth is and the very few events of my life that were memorable. Few, but significant, because of the people who played a part in those memories. 🙂

I also finished another book quite some time back. It’s a chinese book too. It’s called 一年甲班34号by 恩佐. I managed to finish the book in the library cos it’s really short and had lots and lots of illustrations. It’s also related to growing up and how as children, we seemed to slowly adapt to how adults wanted us to be like while we forsake what we thought makes us happy. You really have to read it to know it, my description of the storyline sucks haha. I thought the book reflected the sad truth of growing up.

During lunch time at work, i got to watch the repeats of a few shows on tv. I’m beginning to like 特写 because of how short, factual and informative it is. It’s quite inspiring too and it offered food for thought for the rest of the day’s work. I remember this teen entrepreneur said this, “maybe when i’m 28, i’ll be a manager and hold a stable job, but would i still be so gung-ho about all these?” (his business was selling flip flops and donating a pair of shoes for every pair of flip flops sold)

Youth has something which other ages can’t exhibit.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to the 24-year-old me when i graduate (hopefully). And in a way set goals and dream a little about what i want to do with the degree. Even if it turns out to be wishful thinking when i look back 5 years later, i guess it’ll still be nice to reminisce. For now…

Dear 24-year-old me,

I hope you’ve graduated and are doing fine now! You’ll probably find this a joke when you read this. Have you been busy? Do you still remember what it is to write and why you loved it? Have you been listening to music lately? Are you still hanging out with your friends from secondary school and jc? Have you actually experienced love? Do you still look the same?

To be honest, your 19-year-old is expecting and hoping a lot from you. That you answered yes to most of the questions. I hope 5 years in med school has changed you for the better and most importantly, that the things you once held so close to your heart has not changed. Well, you can reflect later, i still have things to say.

The 19-year-old me spent alot of time during work at the polyclinic trying to come up with things to do with the medical degree which are hopefully attainable during the years bonded to the government. Find some area of study you really like and specialize/ go on missionary trips! + record all the experiences and thoughts from there/ work within the community/ reap profits but not suck people’s cash. Do you have any other plans now?

Oh yes, please start planning for your love life if you’re still stuck at ground zero. Do spend more time with your family too~

Loads of love,

19-year-old me.

A long post to compensate for the long absence. 🙂


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