in time with you

I thought last time embed youtube video can choose the colour of the frame? Anyway, this is Avril Lavigne’s 2nd album (Under My Skin)! I like this one the most out of all her albums, followed by the 1st album (Let Go). I dont really know what to comment about for the lyrics haha cos most of the time when i sing it i just enjoy screaming/pretending i’m talking to someone/being authoritative hahaha. I dont sound a bit like her and my singing is just, awful. But it just feels really good to.. sound angry i suppose. Then again, angry is not the right word. I dont like people describing her as an angry teen, back in those days anyway. Honestly i dont think she was angry. Probably more of just trying to say something she genuinely dislike or feel frustrated about as a teen. Finding yourself and then having the courage to be who you are. Being disappointed in things or people that matter. And channeling negative emotions we dont usually put across to other people into songs so that we can express it without doing so explicitly (like talking). Maybe she’s just singing about alot of things i dont talk about but like to think about.

I planned to walk home from work today! Google Maps said it will take 44 mins. The plan was aborted before it was executed haha! My dad came to pick me up instead hahahaha. Not that i gave up lor, wrong day to start only. I figured walking was a good exercise and i can save some bus fare. Bit by bit, day by day, every cent counts! Even if i cannot take it, just take bus home lor. 😀 Shall try to walk tmr. I’m eating more than i’m burning off and if you throw me in the water i’ll most probably float cos of the fats. Hehe jk, my body just needs some exercise to be healthy. Then again it’s really difficult to start exercising regularly ever since… god knows when. Sigh. Health is wealth! Must not give up! And giving up before even starting is damn weak lo.

Shall end here for today. Havent written anything meaningful or reflective of my thoughts for a long time. No inspiration man.

Ohhh check out this group called 2Cellos if you have the time! They are really cool! >:)


One thought on “in time with you

  1. wa so nostalgic to hear the song!! i like yellowcard btw :3 i need exercise too ): all of us shld exercise this sat hahahhaa! (cept for skinny kathy)

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