hello songyan!

My life is quite boring and uneventful and i dont really like talking about it. I dont think the work experience so far is that good/meaningful except for the nice aunties and co-workers. In short, i havent found my direction in life.

I’m just gonna talk about my work life anyway hahaha. Because that’s basically all that’s occupying my time now, except for computer and tv time. My social life is somewhat dwindling and most of the time i dont have much energy to go out and play after work. It’s like the energy just leaks away at work or half of it already gets sapped away the moment i wake up for work. And adult mrt/bus fares are a big big BIG deterrence, considering my thriftiness. Who would have ever thought that when you start having the ability to spend, the more you wouldn’t be willing to?

Actually i think work would have been fine if i didnt have to record down the number of enquiries and forms i give out each day and the HQ compiles everything every week and compares it to other polyclinics. The thing is, once your numbers are high, it seems like you are supposed to make it stay that high. Unwritten rule but it’s always there. Then the supervisor will come and tell you “ah, we have one of the highest numbers, must maintain ah, next time if get lowest will get laughed at!” If you look at it from a 3rd person’s POV, it’s nothing cos afterall, i’m just a temp and nothing can get worse, at most just get sacked la. But somehow, it’s like this message forever hanging in my mind and pseudo-pressure… which i constantly try to forget. Always telling myself, how can i get stressed when i’m supposed to be having the free-est time of my life! No school, no real commitment in terms of relationship or career! Sigh.

Another thing about having high numbers is that you’re somewhat “spoiling the market”, especially since all of us(working at this position) keep in contact and can see the numbers that other polyclinics got. But that’s not so much of an issue now cos we sort of gather the numbers tgt every week to make sure that our numbers do not differ too much. But mine does, for this week lol, too low. At least i know i didnt record some of the forms i given out so… heheh can add on to this week! Shall add like 10-15 more? Hmm i don’t know if anyone reading this really get what i’m saying. Haiyo very hard to explain in words.

3 paragraphs about work. Well, pretty much summed everything up and i foresee that it will be the same complaints for the next 5 months. How am i going to last for 5 more months?!

Hmm on the brighter side, i do get free lunch sometimes, a pretty handsome pay for talking and talking and talking, a workplace close to home, met new people (mostly aunties haha), made some friends. Compare my complaints and praises about work haha!

I honestly miss school despite the stress/exams/early mornings/morning assembly/cannot be late for more than 3 times in a year policy. Maybe it’s really the sheltered environment. No matter what, you’ll be fine. In work, nah. Maybe it’s the people. To grumble together. I guess setting sail was really a good theme for graduation. We really were ships which set sail upon graduation and met with turbulence a.k.a A Levels, then floated aimlessly on the high seas. The waters are calm but without wind, we go nowhere. The wind refers to self-motivation and sense of direction. Ugh so hard to put it in a nice, poetic sense. Well, hope you get the drift (no pun intended).

What a long post! -pats self on the back- Will come back and add in more thoughts! If there are any more and if my brain is still capable of generating more hahaha.

Songyan, this post is for ya!~ Hope you weren’t bored by it!


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