another 3 minutes enthusiasm

Enthusiasm. I almost couldnt spell that word. :O If there’s a layer of dust on this blog, i guess it’s as thick as that on my brain. I can imagine it, rust and dust all gathered between the gears and wires of my brain. So… just gonna start writing again to keep my brain active.

A few updates but very lazy to elaborate:
1) Working at the polyclinic now, started on 14 Dec and ending on 30 Jun! Sharon too! Hahaha but we dun really get to interact at work…
2) I bought Mayday’s album (ming ri version) alr, but the titles and songs dun match when i play with WMP and Real Player, brought it to Popular to exchange… then they kept it and told me they’ll find out what’s wrong and contact me. After some calling here and there, finally found out i’m not the only one and i just have to play it with iTunes, then everything will be fine. Although everything is settled, the travelling here and there abit waste money, especially with adult fare and my thriftiness (or stingy-ness).
3) 2012 and the world has not ended. I havent made any resolutions too, should i?

Ok this is a less than 3-min-enthusiasm post. 😦


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