an outbreak of pessimism

I realised, sometimes the more you try to sort things out, the more complicated they get. But i still like to do that hahaha. Guess life’s always a mystery i can never solve, but that doesnt stop me from digging into pasts and exploring possibilities for the future. I’m a pessimist, can’t help it hahaha, maybe all this thinking has led to me thinking about life in a very “aiya it’s a tainted film which we think we can direct but end up being directed around for the way it should be” way. But who knows how it should be? Differs from person to person. Have you ever wondered why you worked so hard for your grades? Is it purely for your future or just fulfilling expectations? I think for me, it’s more for the latter. Actually deep down i know all this expectations can drive me to open up more possibilities for myself, but i just hate them la. Never really quite understood why grades and money played such a big part in our lives… maybe in the past we could do without them, now if we dont have them, we really will die. It’s not impossible.. the world changes so drastically it seems to be morphing into something further away from my ideal world.

My pessimistic one-liners:

  • 如果时间是个牧羊犬,那么我们就是在草地上毫无目的奔跑的小绵羊。
  • 很小的时候,我们用身高比较彼此,上学时用分数较高低,后来踏入社会了我们就用金钱身份衡量自己。 为什么我们不用世上最可贵的快乐来当生命的尺呢? 是没有,还是不敢?
  • 可能因为我们处在蓝天绿洲的分界线, 就在天堂和地狱的正中间,所以有时会有天堂般的甜蜜、快乐,有时也有地狱般的苦涩、艰苦经验。可能这些只是自然现象,呵呵呵。

Ok that’s all. Kinda sad when i think so much and all i get is 3 lines haha.


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