loud music

My mind is everywhere except where it’s supposed to be. I love to post, probably because it’s like transplanting a whole bundle of emotions or random thoughts that i ought to clear to somewhere… in an eco-friendly way(sorta, if you ignore the electricity, heat generated etc). Plus right now, i have a headache, i can’t concentrate on my work. I’m gonna revise chem and ionic equilibria later! Studying is not about attaining all the knowledge in the world (or syllabus), it’s about endurance man! Would probably like studying more if… hmm lots of reasons, i think anyone reading this would know better than i do.

I love Michelle Branch’s songs, they almost never fail to make me feel more light-hearted. Mayday also la hahaha, Avril Lavigne too… Beatles sometimes too. One Republic and The Fray have great live performances! Fish Leong has the most soothing voice ever~ Ok it’s gonna be endless haha. I love music because it’s always there to make me feel better, in good and bad times. It blocks out all the noise and all the negativism from chewing me off from inside. I sound like a monster kept under control by music hahaha… there’s some truth in that though. Anyway, if you never listened to Michelle Branch’s songs, i want to stuff the earphones into your ears right now! Go listen!
No inspiration at all ahh.
Ehh im thinking of cutting my hair short… after prom or smth la. Surely not before prom though. Suggestions? 🙂 Not pixie one la, i’ll look like a boy. T_T -thinks of year 3- Dont laugh!

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