intellectual talk

I don’t know how long ago this was filmed, but music transcends time so it doesn’t matter. Just watched 五月天未来音乐故事 which was a short film inspired by Mayday and features a few of their classic songs. It was quite interesting la, couldnt understand it at first but everything made sense towards the end. I loved how the whole film revolved around how life is and that we can’t always get our way and most imptly, we have to learn to look forward. Cherish every moment.


So true. 🙂 Ok more youtubing! Indulging~

世界很大, 爱情很窄, 我更是渺小。 世界少了我并不会停止转动。 常常在想,我该怎么让每一分每一秒精彩, 让我的生命不会留白, 让我在这世上留下一些痕迹, 制造一些回忆。


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