you were never a choice

You were never a choice since there was never a question.

Here’s to dreams and fantasies. Long live! Please don’t ever die! I think my imagination is my haven, maybe even sanctuary. I like to let myself be carried away by my thoughts. 🙂 Of course, i was referring to the good ones. Sometimes i think so much i kill more brain cells than from solving a physics question. In my imagination, i can visualize myself doing the things i wish i’m capable of and experiencing things i think would be so sweet and make my life 100000 times so much more worth remembering.

Words which can pierce through hearts (in every positive way, ehh i think i meant to make people feel touched la), bring people to places their imagination hasn’t reached, comfort people whenever or whatever happened. Words that can make a positive difference which actually came out from me wahahaha. Part of the reason why i admire good musicians/lyricists. Putting music and words together in such a beautiful way… alone they mean nothing but together, they are everything.

Big grassy plains, vast blue skies and the best company in the world. Even moments when nothing is said are precious and unforgettable. The kind of peaceful feeling which hardly appears in urban areas. Maybe once in a while when the city sleeps, by the window of a high-rise building. But anyway, fresh air from mother nature cannot match that of concrete land right. I’m still looking for such a place, such people (i can think of a few now) and my knight-in-shiny-armor (no harm dreaming) to go to that place.

Concerts. Being surrounded by swarms of people with nothing in common except the fanaticism for a band/musician. At that moment, everyone around can be your friend.. you have something in common! At that moment, everyone sways to the same song, cries at the same part of the song, cheers for the same people on stage. At that moment, a small part of the world bonds together as one.

No harm dreaming right?

Ahhh but for now, i havent done much today. Only 3 topics of physics! And i havent even complete chem, left with energetics, painful topic. Maths revision feels incomplete. T_T Maybe it was a bad idea to keep studying one subject. Super unproductive day. I think i feel a little motivation creeping up. Work hard steph, then you’ll have the money and time(hopefully) for those dreams. 🙂 I hope i won’t screw up ‘A’ levels at this rate.

加油吧,就算失败我也可以唱着,反正就这样吧 我知道我努力过~。



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