you’ll never fly if you’re afraid of heights

Although this was posted ages ago, i still found it rather amusing and it makes me feel slightly better about the predicament now. 考场是战场,武器是脑袋,敌人不是考卷而是自己。Studies, no wait, exams, you’re such a pest!


I found this line really true and i guess that is why people dislike exams too, at least it applies to me.

我的偶像不是随随便便就当得了的咯! Ok no la, they are far greater than me.

Some say they are 华人世界的披头四 (the chinese version of The Beatles, haha ok weird translation). Hmm not really, you can’t compare both… 披头四就是披头四,五月天就是五月天. 🙂 Both brings comfort in different ways. I think the only similarity is that even the sad songs ultimately will make you feel better. Somehow hahaha, i think it just works la. :))) To me, the Beatles’ songs are simpler and easier to understand but the tune is what really tugs my heartstrings. It’s funny how without any words, the music alone seem to be enough to make you feel differently. As for 五月天, the lyrics can get quite abstract sometimes but i love how it is realistic. The tunes also tugs my heartstrings (especially the slower and sadder ones -sobs-), but still in a different way. The way i see these bands is not just the adoration as a fan but with respect for what they sacrificed to achieve their dreams and the persistence in producing their kind of music (i hope it’s true anyway), and not swaying totally to the accommodate image the production companies want them to portray. 你们的坚持,赞! 🙂

Her voice is ahhhhh-awesome! Very very soothing when it comes to the slower songs. 🙂 I usually don’t like slow songs because i feel like i’m waiting for the song to start instead of really listening to the song. Guess i’m not someone who can appreciate melodies/tunes/rhythms very well. I admit that i’m more of a lyrics-person. Words are indeed, powerful. :’)

Avril Lavigne. I actually like the first 2 albums alot more than the more recent ones. I think there is a change in the music style. But oh well, it’s her life, she decides what music she wants to make. It is weird for someone who is growing out of her teen days to sing about issues related to that phase in life… But it is not just the content of the songs, it’s the way the songs are now… Sigh ok, i will not be the “i want the old Avril back!” kind of fan (think i secretly am), but shall still support her in her endeavors. 🙂

I’m an ardent fan! 🙂 i don’t know if this the most flattering photo of her but anyway, i like how her songs are simple enough and even when she’s singing about love, i don’t find it disgusting hahahaha. Ok a small confession, sometimes i get very sick of love songs because i think the songs paint a too perfect picture of love. Yes yes, says the one who has never had a boyfriend, never been kissed etc etc. All the more you shouldnt paint such a picture and give me false expectations of relationships right. Digressed too much haha. Her songs have a bit of country element in it, hmm let’s just say listening to her songs will be a good start if you want to try to appreciate different genres.

I secretly wished that i’m a really awesome writer. That was something i thought of maybe 2, 3 years ago? Then again, the amount of books/newspapers (chinese or english) i read is pathetic. The dream is a little far-fetched. I’m thinking of enriching myself more in this aspect after the ‘A’s. Ok la, the newspapers part i’ll force myself to read for the sake of GP (sigh, despair just thinking about it). It has been a long time since i took the initiative to read fiction or something of substance. I know it’s ironic to enrich myself like that after exams but the curriculum (ahem ahem) doesnt encourage/require us to do so, at least based on the subjects i offered. :O I just think that a good piece of writing is one of the wonders in life, except when i don’t understand the content. Even a good tagline for an advertisement can be impressive. Umm yeah, my language isnt very good. Shall end the post abruptly here.


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