the most negative outlook

This year has been rather rough-sailing for me. The more I try to avoid the trouble, the more it seems to catch up with me. The more I ought to be cautious about stepping on others’ toes or join their blacklist, the higher the probability of that happening. I’ve seemed to have quite a fair bit of the emotional rollercoaster alr. Most of the time, it’s a one way traffic down. Sometimes it feels like im going to some @&%=-* place everyday. There is no longer the wee bit of sense of belonging. I’m glad there are always friends though. I’m not so upset about the workload, im more upset about the system there. Sick of the threats, “reasons”, “arguments”, hypocrisy. Sigh shall not elaborate, who am I to judge? I must survive the dictatorship.

Sometimes we dun have the power to fight back for what we really think is right or acceptable but it doesnt mean you’ve accepted the opposite. It’s just that sometimes you have to 看别人的脸色才能生存.

I still hold firm to my principles and stand by them.


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