it will fade out

First post of the year! I just realised i only have 178 posts for last year. What happened to the rest of the 187 days? Ok la i don’t expect myself to post everyday but i thought i posted almost everyday. Oh well, let me introduce you to 2011!

It has been… tiring. My teachers are ok hahaha and i’ve been trying hard to focus and not procratinate and do all the model student stuff. The intelligent part, errr it’s still under progress. But overall, i’m glad i’m doing my work and not skipping every qn i dunno how to do. When you make the effort to rack your brains to solve a qn and you succeed, it actually feels good. πŸ™‚ Teachers reminded us of the amount of time we have till ‘A’ Levels and i can’t stop thinking abt it! On 4th Jan, it was 10 months till then, now.. we have 9 months and 2 weeks? How can time fly by so quickly! T_T In a way i think it’s a good thing i’m worrying cos then i’ll not waste so much time doing mundane and useless stuff. But at the same time i yearn to catch my breath and some sleep. Sighh please don’t let these efforts come to naught and i hope i can sustain this routine! I also hope i got my basics right, as in year 5 stuff, since they always say the bulk of the syllabus is the things we learn in year 5. Hmm, so much to do…

Handing in the SSEF stuff to the teacher tmr! Yayyy~ I don’t want to see anything related to it anymore! To think it’s only the preliminary round. Can you imagine how much work there’ll be if we qualify…. sigh. But it really feels awesome knowing i can leave that worry at the far ends of my mind! πŸ™‚ And the feeling of opening your email inbox only to find junk mail hahahaha it’s actually a fortunate thing, better than opening emails related to work.

Half day tmr cos it’s the school anniversary!~ Tmr will be a better day. πŸ˜€

Ok, that’s about all for 2011 so far. Hope anyone whose reading this won’t find it too boring hahaha.


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