I watched this online recently and now i feel like reading the book. Miraculous haha, as in reading + stephanie. Some website actually wrote that the book is for 12 to 14-year-olds. Hmm. It’s ok haha. I’ll go read it someday! Teen fic sigh. I could actually identify with some parts of the movie. Come to think about it, very very soon, i won’t be a teen anymore. I suppose the definition is when your age doesnt end with “-teen”, you are a young adult alr. I suddenly feel so old and it’s like the years have just slipped through my fingers and there’s really nothing much to hold on to. In a way that’s good since it means i dont really have any regrets. There are still things i remember, just not many. Every memory is like snippets of films. My brother say i use too many “like”s in my sentences, sighhhhh.

Anyway, tmr is the last day of the attachment hohoho. šŸ™‚ Ok la, i learnt some stuff there, so it’s not completely useless. It just didnt turn out exactly how i wished it to be. Now we need to prepare for ssef. The report… sigh. Maximum inertia, minimum work done. I think the only reason my biological clock is still normal is because of the attachment, although i didnt go to the institute everyday hahaha. But i still wake up earlier (compared to the time i woke up during holidays in the past) to read papers, try to understand them and prepare ppt slides and poster etc etc. Not everyday was productive though. Today was a relatively productive day, settled a few admin issues, worked out what we need to do, edited slides and report. šŸ˜€ After handing in the poster and submitting a few forms, it’s over (for a while anyway)! Then it’s meet-up with jillian and ruoqi!

Due to the holidays, my intellect has been affected negatively too. Apart from learning some stuff from the attachment, doing a bit of hw, my brain has been inactive. I think my language has definitely taken a dip. My sentences sound weird and my spelling is horrible now. I’m still trying to correct myself. My body has become softer.. haha i mean, i think i’m gaining weight due to the lack of exercise. It’s time to do something after tmr! I think i shld do something about my hw too hahaha. Only 2 weeks until school reopens. :O Then it’s going to be a busy year! I wish i have the drive to work really hard for my exams and ‘A’s next year. Mustn’t be complacent anymore!

Ok that’s all for now, i think i forgot what i wanted to say.


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