strawberry fields forever

Welcome the newest addition to my life -drum rolls-, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8! πŸ™‚ Got it for about a week alr, but i havent got the time or mood to post until now. It’s a good phone so far. It’s running on Android 2.1 and you can get the free stuff from the Android Market, for example, Angry Birds, for a start haha. And the Google apps. There’s this Google Sky Map thing which i dunno how to use. I guess it’s good for star-gazing, which is kind of hard to do in Singapore. What a pity. Hmm and there’s the usual web-browing, Facebook, Youtube apps. There’s Timescape, which basically shows you the latest posts from your Twitter (which i dun use), Facebook and smses. It’s just like a place for you to view your social updates at once. Not particularly useful to me, but i suppose it will be for social butterflies. Apart from the not so useful text prediction in messenging and relatively small QWERTY keyboard, it’s a worthwhile investment. πŸ˜€ Plus i got a free screen protector (which i had failed to paste properly on the screen, there’re bubbles trapped in it :/).

Ok, now i shall talk about my holidays. It hasn’t been as fruitful as i wished it’ll be. Only met up with some people. By that i mean 4 groups, of which 2 doesn’t really count. There was 5G class bbq aka post-pw celebration. Oh wait, uhh ok 5 groups. 1 group of random classmates after my pw group’s op (which was the last of the class zzz), caught You Again in JP that time. I can still rmb how i felt. I was really really happy. Liberation (almost) never felt that good, hahaha i think i said that after promos this year, but it felt different. It’s kind of like releasing yourself from vines that tied you down for a year. Ok me and my imagination, nvm if you can’t visualize what i’m saying. I suppose it’s due to the love-hate relationship with pw. I really like my group, but it was stressing during the wr-op-periods. And i was really happy when everyone did well for op, at least i thought so. Hahaha digressed too much.

Great, I just typed a chunk with the phone and now it’s gone… I was talking about how amazed and excited and thrilled about blogging with my phone, so nvm. Anyway, second group of people was the class. It was class bbq at ximeng’s, I guess it was to celebrate the end of pw and I learned how to play pool there and then. Come to think of it, it was really fun hahahaha, plus there was so much food and the food prepared by ximeng’s mummy was really delicious! Hmm I still rmb going out with the third group of people on the official last day of pw. Hanni jiarong yongen kathy! Ages since I seen them, miss the old times so much, but we still kinda drifted apart. Ohh well, at least we still meet up. That’s still a good thing. πŸ™‚

Then there’s huishan every saturday to do cip. I think she’s the closest person who stuck with me since sec1 aww. The last time I went out with friends is with Jillian ruoqi and tanwei. Random outing haha, but I suppose ruoqi felt the same way as I did haha. The outing gave us a breather from the attachment. Anyway, we ate alot (mainly potatoes la)! It was a well-spent saturday. πŸ˜€

Attachment is ok for now, doing poster alr. Actually I dun expect getting anything out of ssef, but ohh well, let’s just try. It’s getting late, I think I shld stop blabbering.


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