singing in the rain


Have you ever dreaded something so much that it keeps floating around in your mind?
Have you ever broken promises you made to yourself and feel like a @#$%$%^ after that?

This is the most unexciting school holiday in my entire life. Ironically, this is also the most packed holiday. Unfortunately, activity = good. Call me a couch potato/zai nv/lifeless, but my idea of fun can be just having a movie/drama marathon at home. Me and the computer, awesome-ness. My idea of fun can be catching up with ex-classmates via random sms/msn conversations or occasional movie outings (that was so so so long ago mannn). And at the end of the day, aka in the middle of the night, i’ll do a bit of holiday hw so that i wont feel guilty and can play in the peace the next day and get that wee bit of sense of satisfaction (proportional to level of difficulty of hw and amount completed). Then the next day i’ll wake up at 10/11am and start the whole cycle and go for cca sometimes too. I miss such holidays.

This escapism is growing everyday. Sometimes i wonder where the spurt of motivation coming from within will ever come again. And i just saw something from the past, hmmm stirring alot of feelings.

On a much lighter note, i got 3 pairs of shoes this holiday haha~


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