Day 1

Hey Mabelyn/Rachel Lim/Huishan/the 4 (hanni yongen kathy jiarong),

I really can’t bring myself to say something really touching or something i’ll say to you all before i die. I guess i want to write the letter to you because of the way you make me feel when i’m around you. I don’t have to think (much) and i feel comfortable talking about everything under the sun with you. Like really really comfortable. Free. To be myself. It’s like, i can easily interact with you without having to step out of my bubble. Honestly, i haven’t been the best kind of friend to have. Sometimes i’m really bad with words and sometimes my attitude (during my rebellious tween years and the i-don’t-feel-like-talking-now mood). And i think i’m kinda like a brat sometimes. Even though i don’t talk that much to some of you alr, it’s still really comforting to be able to talk to you all anytime, about anything. Maybe for me the length and quality of conversation is the measure of friendship. But seriously, without enough luck and trust, i doubt it’s easy to sustain a conversation with someone like me. In short, i’m grateful to have made friends with you all. 🙂

Lots of love.


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