new directions

3 more days to OP and (unofficial) freedom! Very soon. Just don’t screw up and hope that nothing goes wrong, especially for Q&A. I hope i won’t screw it up. An ‘A’ for PW is like… a booster pack for next year. At least it seems to make the journey slightly smoother. Sighhh last year next year! Gonna miss everyone, especially people who gone through the ups and downs together. :’) Which i think mostly happened this year. Ok, this year is mostly just trying not to fail too badly together haha. Anyway, go go go NEW DIRECTIONS! We’ve gone through almost an entire year together alr. Who knew i could have lasted so long with ‘those strangers’ (quoted from my initial thoughts). But i’ve definitely grown at least that tiny weeny bit closer to everyone. šŸ™‚ Heee last lap! (I think i can’t settle for anything less than an A. That’s normal right?)

I feel the utmost reluctance to start on anything serious for the rest of the holidays. That includes homework and the attachment. Sigh, inertia.


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