a conversation with myself

Just mildly disturbed. Mildly. Ughhh, i’m starting to believe in ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’ll be over before you know it, steph!

You know, i’ve always wondered how it is like to like someone. Hahaha, people no experience what. Then ytd i was listening to my favourite song, (it’s super old, probably 8 or 10 years old alr! but i don’t really mind it) it struck me. No matter how many times i listen to it, it sounds so awesome, so comfortable, so secure (is that the right word to use to describe a song? hahaha). Well, not constantly on repeat though. But it’s just a song that i’ll never skip when it comes on. It keeps me happy when i’m happy, makes me feel better when i’m sad. Well, it’s not exactly a happy song but i don’t know why, it makes me feel good/better in all sorts of moods. Have you ever liked something but couldn’t pinpoint why? It’s just how it makes you feel, isn’t it? Maybe it works the same with people. Sprinkle some racing hearts, maybe?

Ok, i got to go to school alr.


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