comfort in the shadows

Check this out!
The video, hehehehe, is really really cool. I’m lazy to put the link, so just copy and paste if you’re as lazy!

I’ve put Playful Kiss on hold since god-knows-when. I havent even reach the part where they got together. Maybe i’ll watch it when i’m more free or more bored. The holidays this time is gonna be pretty packed and it’s mostly by one thing only.

Attachment: 22Nov to 23Dec (I’m available on weekends though!)
PW: ongoing till it officially ends on 16Nov, but i’ll just take it that it ends when OP ends, so 11Nov? Ahh then it’s only 11 days to play until the attachment?! 😥
Holiday homework: stuffed in empty, free, bored, lonely slots of the holiday. Btw, when does school start next year?
Meet-ups: Currently owing 2 hahaha.
CIP: every saturday which i can don’t turn up for sometimes, so technically my weekends are still free. Can’t miss it consecutively though.
CCA: i can’t really turn up anyway, unless it’s on saturdays. Then hopefully they are mostly in the mornings.
Sundays: normally time for myself, so… but missing some alone-time is fine.

Conclusion: still got free time la hahaha, gotta use them wisely. :’)

I miss colourful posts hahaha. The holidays seem so packed but i only wish the commitments/obligations will be fulfiling. Feel like going to ECP/somewhere close to nature this holiday. I keep feeling that i may not have the time to do this, do that… Not just for the holidays, more like ever.

Life is like an experiment, you’re the scientist, the test subject. You have no idea how much you know about yourself, you bear all the consequences and there’s no guarantee you can reverse every move (think irreversible reactions). So if you were to ask me “would you live your next life in the exact same way?”, my answer will be “no”. Why try the “been there, done that”/in short “tried” route? I know people would beg differ. Nonetheless, i think the only way to know the way of life/what life is, is to explore what life could have brought or taken away from you. At every point you make a decision, would that have been the start of another chain reaction, would everything else turned out differently?

HAHA do i sound like a philosopher now? :p Ok not actually haha, i think i sound kind of incoherent.


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