misery loves company

CIP today(25th sept)! Slack, but got 5 dollars and a goodie bag. I think my job was one of the slackest! Didn’t do much haha. There were tanwei tianqi tunren at the booth too. All slack one hahahaha. Actually our job ended at 6, cos there were no one else and the life-smth-instructors left while we went for dinner. Then slacked around till 8 plus, helped wanzhen to tend her booth when she went for her dinner. Then played alot of games with tanwei in the mean time. Ohh sampled the vegan ice-creams! Nice leh, but damn ex! 100ml $3.80 leh! Convinced tanwei not to buy cos it’s like even if we share, it’s about $2 for 50ml per person. Took photos (failed jump shots x10 and i gave up first haha), arm wrestled hahaha (draw! seriously got no strength in my arms), played guang dong chao mian (i lost in the first round then no one wanted to play), played i never too. It was quite funny and some things are really unbelievable. Finally got one more duck from tunren to level up my rc dish hehehe. That’s really all for the day. Really damn sian there but at least i wasn’t alone. 🙂


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