just like the wind

Very very tempted to start a drama marathon. Suppress it until the end of promos and pw! Actually i don’t watch alot of dramas, but i think out of those i watched, almost all are really worth watching. 😀 I wanted to watch Personal Preference/Taste after the promos but since they’re going to show it on tv, i guess i can watch it then. 🙂 What else what else, recommend them to me!! I think good dramas are those which make your emotions have a rollercoaster ride with the plot. And you really laugh and cry/feel sad with the characters. I always wonder if those things are realistic enough and i always kind of envy those plots though. Although there is pain, eventually things work out, sometimes even better than you think. And of course meeting and spending time with good-looking and really really awesome people~ They say drama imitates life, or is it the other way round, i want that too! But not really in the singaporean drama way haha.

Out of boredom and curiosity, i went to read horoscopes in chinese ytd. I find them more accurate than the english ones though i take more time to read them. Can’t help but agree with the description/dilemmas/situations. Especially the thing about 下意识中瓶子会继续寻找,可是心里又不相信自己能找到 and the insecurities thing and alot of other stuff! Hmm there’s alot of those “the most ___ horoscope is…” sort of things haha. Shall explore somemore after the exams. 🙂


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