nom nom nom


Let’s start with the results. Chem, HAHA PASSED LA PASSED LA. Pretty ok with it except that i wish i’ve gotten higher. At least a 50% pass would seem better right! Getting physics back tmr. 😦 Cannot make it la! Whenever i think of physics, only the letter U floats in my mind. SOOO DEAD. SHIT LA. So much more to work on for promos. GP didnt sound promising and i don’t really habour hopes for it, a pass will be fine i guess. Hoping for a pass for econs too haha, but a C at least for maths. Maths seemed manageable i think. LOL in the end, all i want is to pass all the subjects. Most probably physics won’t make it though sighhhhhh. Year 5 has made me a more vulgar person and one who lowered all my expectations. But ultimately, a stronger mind. I MUST MAKE IT IN THE END! I shld start revising soon i guess.

Ok, the end hahahahaha, goodbye.


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