the man who can’t be moved

I just realised i have about 700 plus posts since sec 1! The first 591 are in the other blog, which is stashed away to gather dust. Hahaha part of it was so… young, vibrant and energetic and emo for no good reason. Never knew i thought of my life to be so sombre before. Well, actually there aren’t any major changes or improvements. I think that is why i dun feel that i’ve grown or became 17 or whichever age i was. Seriously i think once you get past that phase you can become a realist(most of the time) again. Just a matter of perspective.

One thing i like about posting is the calmness, like the whole atmosphere i guess, and my mind becomes a train station where feelings/thoughts/weird thoughts are deported to reality. With the exception of certain posts of course. I miss the feeling of being immersed in a novel and i can (afford to) spend a day or two with it. Ummm i liked to read before you know hahahahahaha, note the past tense. And i like it even more that i can don’t move and seem to experience everything in the book. But that’s in the past…. i wonder when will the next time i’ll do all this again.

There’s so much to do this term, just thinking of it makes me tired. 😦 Now it feels like i havent had a holiday at all! Cos it was spent on school related stuff most of the time anyway. Doesn’t help that the exams were spreaded over 2 weeks, for some 3. Now that they are over, and that i didnt go to school today(a monday!!!), it feels like a holiday!! Heard some JCs are worse off though… arghhhhhh what do i need to keep me going?! Sighhh i won’t mind having a blank mind for a day.


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