Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Did i get that right? Sigh anyway, i dun think i can live up to that, unless i’m deaf and illiterate. I dunno what’s wrong with me, i used to think i was a really tolerant person. Words/things that are not true will never get to me cos they’ll just bounce off this bubble i’m always hiding(and i quite like to anyway) in. Maybe i got it all mixed up, tolerance does not mean that once something gets on my nerves i won’t feel anything. So i guess i’m tolerant, just not immune to words. Arghhhh someday i should just explode so that no one will trifle with me. I feel like i just shortened my own lifespan from being mad for half a day. But really lor! I was on the verge of scolding vulgarities. Just so freaking pissed off.

Can’t wait for my brother to be back! Please please please share this misery of living with such a person. Plus my new ipod! I sound like a bad person, but i have my reasons! Just because you are in a bad mood, why the f must you ruin someone else’s day! Like having a throbbing headache when you wake up isnt bad enough, you just have to pick on the things i do and criticize criticize criticize.

I hate it when you order me around and you expect efficiency from the things i do for you (ha.ha. helping you eh mister) and you complain when i dun act fast enough or whatever. Hey, i’m not obliged to help you!!!! The worst thing is when i use the same freaking tone on you to do the same thing for me, i get the i-busy-leh-do-it-yourself-la response. Hello, i was in the exact same position when you ordered me around, why the hell could i do it but you can’t. Obviouslyyyyy, some people can’t stand being ordered around with that tone. Then why the hell do you do that all the time!? It makes my blood boil when i think about the time you complained that i’m always so slow, inefficient, not helpful to my mother. Wtf!!!!!! Who was the one who washes the dishes pots clothes and fold the clothes when all you did was to cook?! Who are you you to dis-credit me of the work i’ve done. Slow jiu slow la, nothing is going to happen even if i speed up right?!

Bad music just ruins my mood even more now. ARGHHHHHHHHH what’s wrong with the world?!!?!?!?!?! Who says women are hard to deal with?! Men with crazy attitudes are harder to deal with! At this rate, what if i change my sexual orientation……………………………………. T_T



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