Santiago Munez: The only one who can tell me I’m not good enough is you. And even then I may not agree with you.

I must finish phy and start econs today! And finish econs tmr! Then exams we go. Hope and pray (damn hard) that i won’t do too badly for both subjects. Left with the last 3 topics of phy, surely can start econs today, just dunno if i can finish by tmr. :/ Actually i dunno why i took so long to study phy, i redid some tut qns, did some egs in the TYS and notes and did the mcq in TYS. Which, some i got wrong and still don’t understand why. Just let me pass phy with a C/D! I’ll be pretty contented with that for the mid-years, then i’ll aim higher for promos. Same with econs, except that i want at least a C.

Had a weird dream ytd. Suddenly i was transferring out of rv and i was pretty apprehensive about it. Even though the people were nice and all at the new school, it just didnt feel right. I guess ultimately no matter how much you dislike a place, there will always be something good there(the people) to make up for that. Equivalent exchange, maybe. The feeling in the dream felt so real. And suddenly, i feel that it’s impt to really appreciate the people around me, those that make me feel better through the hard times. Just imagine tmr’s the graduation day, what if you leave with no fond memories or people to rmb you or people you want to rmb.

Ok random la hahahahaha. But still, appreciate those around you!


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