escapism again

For now, i just want to lose myself into the flow of thoughts and droning of the keyboard. Ok, and songs from The Fray. Have had a pretty ok June holiday this time. Pre-u sem took up the entire first week, the second was spent doing… nothing useful actually, the third is passing me by and i filled everyday with bits of revision. By bits i mean bits. And i memorised nothing so far, shall leave it to… -gasp- the next and last week of the holidays. Everything is really moving so fast i’m afraid one day i’ll lose the rhythm and just fall back.

Why did falling back even seem like a bad thing in the first place? When you fall back, you can take things at a slower pace and perhaps even see/know things that you won’t had your life been at the same pace as others. You can, but you may not. Sigh sometimes i think the thing that really leech life out of our lives are obligations. But if there are no obligations, there will be almost no aim for many people which makes everything meaningless. Sometimes i hate how one thing has so many disadvantages that are outweighed by just one advantage. But that’s life, incomprehensible, and we’re just trying to make logic out of the illogical. Am i making sense?

Ah the train of thoughts is broken. :/

Am back, after a more finalized revision for chem. I guess i can put it aside till the next weekend. Now… physics or econs. D: Physics, is getting more and more sickening. Phy-sick-s. Kind of regret taking it now, but i guess Bio won’t be any better. Hahahahaha kind of like self-delusion la, but it makes things better. I think, econs for 3 days, then physics for the next 3. Then memorizing for chem. Woahhh intense man.

Recently when i thought about how my future would be like. The “storyline” i thought of when i was a kid still holds, just that many phases were pushed back hahaha. Why on earth did i think it was easy to do all of them by 17/18 anyway. I’ll study study study, then get good grades (i hope, guess i need more effort for that to happen), work a bit, go uni hehehe and study _____, then get a degree and get a job before the degree “expires”. The love of my life falls in somewhere (hopefully), and i lead a happy life thereafter. Then hopefully life won’t be too monotonous and boring. Ok, now the “plan” looks awfully short. I hope my life won’t end up with me having nothing to post. 🙂 Right, that’s actually the most impt thing la.


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