Feels like forever since i came here. I was being fed alot today. Ba4 zhang3, ba4 zhang3, and more ba4 zhang3! And i wasn’t really a fan of it in the first place. -.- Actually i am not a fan of anything to do with glutinous rice.

Sigh i practically re-watched Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang for the past 2 days. I only skipped the front part. Sigh, the back part was so sad! ): I know the ending alr, but still, oh man, so sad la! I shouldn’t be re-watching the show and should be studying instead! But haiya, once you start, you can’t stop! Sigh, so sad. The show i mean. I really don’t want something so sad to happen in my life la, but happiness is only so wonderful, great, awesome etc after all the obstacles and sucky things. What a price to pay, i wonder what would my life be like when that something really good happens. I sound so love-sick la, thanks to the show, hahahahahaha shall wait anyway. ^^V

I wonder if i’m alr dying inside, like literally. I mean, when you live a day, you’re one day closer to death. Depressing as it may seem, it is true. I’m having headaches that wouldn’t go away and some mucus blockage i think. It’s the kind of mucus that you can’t seem to blow out and when you lie on your left side, the left nostril gets blocked. I think it’s sinus infection (self diagnosis using the internet haha) and i’m quite reluctant to use the nasal spray. I think it helps but i feel uncomfortable using it, like something surging into your nasal channels (something like that). This has persisted for a long long long time and i can’t remember when it started. It sucks. The headaches…. When i walk i can feel the pain striking with every step i make. Reluctant to use panadol too. I’ve been relying on it a lot of times this year alr. Why am i always falling sick this year?! ):

I should put in more effort in studying. Sighhhhhh.

I keep listening to korean/jap songs. I don’t think i’ll be obsessed with them though. Although i used to say that i don’t like songs that i don’t understand, i think it’s less distracting and i can concentrate on my work better. Ok it’s damn ironic. As in, i won’t be listening to the song lyrics and thinking of solutions to the problems in the damn worksheets at the same time, so i focus more on the problem hehe. Haha actually i shouldn’t even be listening to songs while studying, but sometimes it seems to help. Like your brain is happier think and is more warmed-up hahahaha.


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