Plan b went pretty well i suppose. The reading room was bloody cold! Hehe i completed half the chem tutorial alr~ should be enough to tide by till the exams are over, i hope. Sigh, there’s the lessons as per normal thing after the papers, so i still got to prepare for tutorials zzzz. I think i could have continued doing chem, but keep getting wrong leh, then really dunno how to do alr -foams at mouth-. Gave up in the end. Tried to do physics, really worried about it now damnnn. Shall try to do somemore chem and read some physics l8r. At least i’ve done something and i feel better now. πŸ™‚ I think the point of doing all this work is not to get them done and feel smarter but to cure my over-anxiety. It’s not about being a good student or what, it’s just not the time to fool around with your studies. Gotta keep going, keep moving. Ohh i woke up at 9 plus today hehehe, big achievement! Step by step, maybe i can get that motivation back! -pray pray pray- Training tmr! After 1 month hahaha. πŸ˜€ Oh yeah there’s online meeting l8r. 😦


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