aren’t we coooool

Well, i’m back. Strangely, now that pre-u sem is over, that is all i can think of! Before the camp started, i was thinking about how happy i’ll be when it’s over because it seemed like such a hassle. Now, i’m actually glad it happened. Definitely an experience i’ll never forget.

Honestly, i never got much chance to mingle with people from other schools before. So in a way pre-u sem was great cos i got one person from 17 other schools to mingle with. Hmmm failure on my part was that i didnt mingle with all 17 of them. But still, considering how unactive i am in groups of new people, i still talked to every single one of them although some conversations were really short-lived and to me, that’s quite a big leap alr. Grappled with speaking good english there. Erm, i suppose it’s a good thing, but it’s really tiring. I think it was about 1 or 2 days since the seminar started that i just let singlish back in my life again. Change is indeed difficult and takes a great deal of effort.

Hmm, i’ve made friends there hehe and i hope we’ll stay in contact. Oh and i learnt that first impressions can really be wrong! So wrong! There were a few people who i had a bad impression of and i think i passed judgements too fast. Come to think of it, i shouldnt even pass judgements right, who am i to do so? But anyway, i’m glad i wasnt blinded by those impressions… cos the people were awesome! They were nice, friendly, jokers, lame and guys were gentlemenly. It was an awesome group haha.

The blazer, heels, long days filled with presentations and discussions kill me silently. But ultimately, when it was the Games ala mode and everyone worked together, i started to know people better and feel more comfortable around them. Working extra hours on something you have the passion for is worthed it. It’s true. Well, i wouldnt say i had the passion for the cans and paper balls and raffia strings, but i did kinda want to make the presentation work and er look presentable, especially since the others wanted it to go well too. I didnt really mind sitting at those benches eating the already cooling down wanton mee, cos i was doing so with the people who gave up their dinners for the presentation too, the people i spent the last 5 days with.

Although unpleasant things happened such as the haunted thingy, a blister that seemed to cause a hole in my feet but is so fatal, weird sightings :/ etc, pre-u sem 2010 was a really really memorable experience. Plus the PM came! đŸ˜€ I met really cool people within 5 days, know more about what’s really happening outside my world, how much i hate being along at an unfamiliar place, how much it takes to brace yourself for something unknown and freaky and what home really means. Oh yeah, actually, i think i’m still intellectually the same after pre-u sem hahahahaha.


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