breathe, without you

Sometimes i can’t relay my thoughts to words. And it’s like my world will crumble inside when i feel the emotions and bottled thoughts expanding. Even when that happens and it feels like i no longer have an outlet to slowly analyse my thoughts/feelings, i should never run away from problems or deny their existence. Face it, overcome it, and i’ll become stronger. When i look back, i’ll be so glad i did not run away like a coward. I am braver than you/i believe, stronger than i seem, smarter than you/i think. I can conquer this!

I’ll start planning proper, put in lots more effort and pour in a pot of determination to pull my grades up. I shall shelve all emotions/feelings/fantasies/imaginations. Even if i only mean to you as a sidekick or her sidekick, i’ll… deal with it. Take it in a positive way, make everything about you a source of motivation and put away all the insecurites. I will leave my suddenly-quite-fluent-language, words and thinking to GP.

This is what you get from an afternoon of typing, backspacing, typing backspacing and ultimately ending up with a plain screen. It is good to be honest.


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